for Sony A7 - A7III (S and R), A9 (firmware <6.0) and all a6xxx models.
(A7RIV and A9II not supported yet)

Are you missing time lapse on your Sony camera? Or would you like to make better photos from the milky way easier than ever? Yes? Than you need CCPro for iOS.

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Save Money and Time

You can save money and time with one app. CCPro will replace a remote which costs 50$ or more. Astrophotography, time lapse videos, and much more gets so easy, you just have to press one button. CCPro will do the rest for you.

CCPro can do more...

Have you ever missed any functionality of your Sony camera? CCPro will give you new possibilities!


Control many settings of your camera

You can control many settings of your camera. For example ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, bulb speed and many more.

Browse and download images and videos

You can browse through all your images and videos and download or share them on your social network.

Add new functionality to your camera

CCPro adds new functionality to your camera. You can take time lapse videos, get the perfect add on for astrophotography, make sequences of different settings and so much more!

update 1.3 includes


  • support for A7, A7R, A7S, A7RII, A7SII, and all a6xxx models

bug fix:

  • stability improvements

Problems or Questions?

Do you have any problems or ideas for additional functionality? Or you just like CCPro, then write me an email. I will get in contact with you and will help you with your request.

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